SlackSocial affiliate program

Earn money with SlackSocial Affiliate Program

Earn money with SlackSocial Affiliate Program

  1. How it works

    SlackSocial affiliate program is a great way to monetize your web traffic by referring users to You will earn 10% commission each time a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on

    Step 1: You place your affiliate link on your website, facebook pages, facebook groups, news letters etc
    Step 2: User's follow your affiliate link and register with
    Step 3: Whenever your referral makes a payment to us by upgrading account, you will receive 10% of that payment amount as commission

  2. Benefits of our affiliate program

    1. 10% recurring lifetime commission. As long as your referrals pays us, you will receive 10% of that amount
    2. 10$ Minimum payout. (Rs.1000 for affiliates from india)
    3. Receive payments via paypal. (Indian affiliates can choose between cheque or NEFT as payment option)
    4. 7 days payment processing time
    5. No commission caps
    6. 30 days cookie expiration period i.e. if user registers within 30 days since his first click on the affiliate banner/link, that user will be added as your referral provided that the cookie is not overwritten by another affiliate or removed by the user

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